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How much do you know about the advantages of copper capillary
- 2020-08-04-

1. Durable and durable: The chemical function of red copper is stable, and it combines the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance. It can be used for a long time in different environments.

2. Safe and reliable: The copper pipe combines the benefits of metal pipes and non-metal pipes. It is stronger than plastic pipes and has the high strength of ordinary metals (the strength of cold drawn copper pipes is equivalent to that of steel pipes with the same wall thickness); it is also more flexible than ordinary metals, has good resistance and high ductility, and has excellent vibration resistance and resistance. Impact and anti-frost heave function.

3. Hygiene and health: various modifiers, additives, additives and other chemical components of plastic pipes in copper pipes.

4. Strong connection of red copper pipes: the connection of red copper pipes and red copper fittings has strong robustness.

5. The price of copper pipe is economical. In the process of equipment copper pipe, a lot of materials can always be saved, and copper pipe is very simple to manufacture. The copper tube is light in weight. Compared with other ferrous metal threaded tubes with the same inner diameter, the copper tube does not need to have the thickness of ferrous metal. The transportation cost of the copper tube of the equipment is lower, and it is very important to maintain it. The abbreviation. The red copper also has the characteristic that the shape can be changed at will, so the red copper tube can be bent or deformed, and it can be connected simply. Because of the characteristics of red copper that can be deformed at will, the red copper control is also made into red copper pipe fittings. purple

Copper also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and environmental protection. It is said that archaeologists have discovered a copper water pipe that has been suspended for thousands of years in the Egyptian pyramids. The water flowing out of the copper water can still be used. Therefore, the benefits of copper pipes can be summarized as having economic function, simple connection, safety, and corrosion resistance.