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Is brass capillary suitable for glass
- 2020-03-02-

The "breathing tube" with a large inner diameter must be sealed in the later equipment to avoid premature failure of the outer glass seal. The weakness of that approach is that the collective function of the sealing layout of the outer glass windows depends on the current door and window equipment staff, rather than the hands of the workers who are working on the outer glass windows. Therefore, no matter how the quality of the outer glass is made, the title will appear only after the equipment is not about the sealing of the breathing tube. One way to solve the title is to replace the breathing tube with a capillary tube. Compared with the breathing tube, the inner diameter of the capillary tube is smaller (about 1/10 of the breathing tube), and the tube is longer, and even if it is not about the capillary capillary sealing, it does not guarantee the collective function of the outer glass behind the high-latitude equipment. Nevertheless, so far, no laboratory data is used to support that kind of argument (practice). In fact, there are still debates in the North American outer glass industry regarding the durability and lifetime of the outer glass of the equipment capillary or the breathing tube; even if the outer glass of the brass capillary passes the ASTM773/774 test standard, it does not mean Whether the theoretical seal life reaches 5 years. Evaluation of breathing tube and capillary tube

Due to the use of argon to fill the outer glass, people have to seriously consider the height limit title. The internal atmosphere must be exchanged with the gas in the outer glass through the breathing tube. As a result, within a few months after the outer glass is installed, the concentration of the other inert gas will be greatly lost. When the outer glass window filled with argon gas is transported to high mountains, in order to make the outer glass filled with argon gas as far as possible, the device is placed in the high latitude sky without reducing the sealing collectiveness of the outer glass, and the breathing should not be used as much as possible. tube. It has been confirmed that the durability of the outer glass with a double-sealed layout of butyl rubber and silicone rubber has outstanding layout collectiveness. In most cases, the strength of the glass itself has become a factor in the higher latitude of the outer glass. There are two different situations of the height limit: the altitude limit of the outer glass or the equipment and the height limit of the outer glass transportation.