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Briefly describe the development status of the stainless steel pipe market
- 2020-12-01-

Today, the growth rate of my country's stainless steel pipe fittings and pipe products market has reached 15% in the past few years, ranking among the top three in the world. This kind of development speed is gratifying, indicating a huge market capacity and the prosperity of the entire industry.

However, the brand of stainless steel pipe malls is chaotic, and the building materials mall can be described as a variety of categories and fierce competition. Regardless of the high, middle and low grades, there are several or even dozens of brands competing at each stainless steel pipe market level, and stainless steel pipe products of different levels are also competing with each other.

In addition, the competition for new products such as steady-state pipes, butt-welded aluminum-plastic stainless steel pipes, steel-plastic composite pipes, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hollow-wall winding pipes has become more intense. Because of the serious homogeneity of the stainless steel pipe market, and the customers do not understand the common sense of stainless steel pipe products, there is a serious asymmetry between the stainless steel pipe product information and the market. Generally, only the appearance and price are selected, and a specific stainless steel is rarely purchased by name. Tube brand, which made many stainless steel tube companies and merchants simply and wrongly analyzed the stainless steel tube market, and then there was no selling point, neglecting to describe the brand image of stainless steel tube, resulting in a disconnect between the brand and consumption, and customers could not buy real and high-quality stainless steel tube products. .

The brand awareness of stainless steel pipes is wide and relatively cold

The cold awareness of stainless steel pipe fittings and pipe brand companies, the relatively lagging marketing network construction, and the low technical and capital entry barriers have made most of the companies small in scale, single marketing methods, high marketing costs, lack of brand strategies, and policies on stainless steel pipes. Shopping malls and sub-shopping malls have almost no investigation, research and response methods. As soon as they gather, they will do it quietly. There are few considerations about the update and improvement of stainless steel pipe technology and quality. When the competition became increasingly fierce, many stainless steel pipe companies fell into the embarrassing situation of conflicting channels, rising costs, lower revenues, continuous customer complaints, and a substantial decrease in satisfaction.