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Briefly on the development status of stainless steel pipes in my country
- 2020-11-02-

In the production process of cold-rolled precision seamless steel pipes, the surface of the stainless steel pipe has to be processed through perforation, cold drawing, straightening, and precision cold rolling. These treatments result in the shape, structure, texture, alloy composition, purity and energy state of the stainless steel pipe. Changes in aspects. When the manufacturing process is completed, the surface of the stainless steel tube is usually very different in terms of structure and performance, and in most cases it is opposite to the base material. For example, after the soft stainless steel seamless pipe is processed by the precision cold rolling mill, the surface hardness of the steel pipe is increased, and the surface finish is about 320 mesh, which is Ra≤0.8μm.

These damaged surface layers can be removed, and electrolytic polishing can be used to reach a certain depth without greater pressure, where the material is still in an impurity-free, original shape. Therefore, the surface performance can be improved to a certain extent in a single process, which is impossible to achieve with any other process.

With electrolytic polishing, the defective surface layer is removed, and no more energy is introduced into the surface being treated. Therefore, the potential energy of the electropolished surface is minimal, and then has high passivity and corrosion resistance. The deposits formed by the catalysis process are also significantly reduced.

The production capacity of my country's stainless steel pipe industry is huge, iron ore prices are still at a high level, and stainless steel pipe companies have a crude production and operation method. When steel needs to be added, my country's stainless steel pipe companies mainly obtain profits by expanding production capacity and output value; when the growth rate of steel needs slows down or even needs to be reduced, many companies still have not changed their production and operation methods and still maintain a high output value. Dilute fixed production costs and expenses. But when prices have fallen sharply, the practice of diluting fixed costs has no effect. Actual production exceeds demand, inventory increases, and high-yield-supply ratio takes up a lot of funds, and at the same time drives up the price of iron ore. It is time for this crude production and operation method to change.