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What is the corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipes
- 2020-07-21-

Let’s talk about the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel pipe. We know that the surface of the stainless steel pipe has a high-density chromium oxide protective plastic film. If it is cut, it will happen immediately when there is gas (co2). The new oxidation protection film, this new oxidation protection film can not only withstand the impact of high water flow of 30m/s, but also resist the erosion caused by the vortex flowing through the branch pipe, elbow, gate valve and pump. Therefore, in the case of selecting stainless steel drainage pipes, there is no need to consider its erosion capacity.

Another reason for pipeline leakage is chlorine, while 304 stainless steel can resist 210ppm of chlorides, and 316 stainless steel can resist 1100ppm of chlorides, which has immediate damage to large and medium-sized buildings. The second is its environmental protection and energy saving. The wall thickness of stainless steel pipe is one third of that of galvanized steel pipe. It is not only light in quality, but also can reduce transportation and installation costs. In addition, DN25mm and above pipe fittings are of high-diameter-wall ratio scale. Their inner cavity is smooth and friction is small. It has a larger total flow rate than other metal hoses; it has a small heat transfer coefficient and good thermal insulation properties. It also has environmental protection, the stainless steel pipe is non-toxic, non-scaling, and can avoid secondary pollution of the pipeline. The prospects for the use of stainless steel pipes should be determined based on the annual pipe fittings demand. If the demand increases, then its market prospects are very broad.

The establishment of a three-dimensional finite element model of stainless steel pipe fittings, after stress analysis, it is found that there is a significant stress concentration phenomenon on the compressed end face of the winding pipe under the condition of axial compression. It is predicted that the edge effect of the compressed end face of the pipe fitting will lead to the decrease of the axial compressive strength of the pipe. The meta-model quantitatively calculates the axial compressive strength of reinforced and unreinforced pipe fittings. It is concluded that the axial compressive strength of reinforced pipe fittings is significantly higher than that of unreinforced pipe fittings.

Space carrier thrust bracket refers to the main force-bearing structure of the carrier that transmits the large thrust generated by the engine from one structure to another. It is generally composed of stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless steel joints, end frames and end plates. Stainless steel pipe fittings are the main load-bearing components of thrust brackets. They are generally made of metal materials and are of relatively high quality. The research results show that the end reinforcement of stainless steel pipe fittings can effectively reduce the negative impact of the end effect on the axial compressive strength, and the axial compressive strength can be increased by more than 30%.