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How to carry out non-destructive testing of stainless steel pipes
- 2020-06-28-

1. Introduction of stainless steel pipe manufacturers The eddy current flaw detection method is a more widely used non-destructive testing method in various fields of industry. It is based on the theory of electromagnetic induction and can perform 100% rapid and automatic detection of the test piece without any coupling agent. For seamless steel pipes such as regular and single specimens, it is a powerful tool for rapid inspection in large quantities.

Automatic eddy current flaw detection methods suitable for steel pipe quality inspection mainly include point probe flaw detection and through probe flaw detection. The former uses point probes to rotate at a high speed to detect longitudinal defects in steel pipes. The detection speed is determined by the number of probes. Depends on the speed of its rotation

2. Magnetic flux leakage testing is a non-destructive testing technique based on the magnetic change of ferromagnetic materials. When the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, a leakage magnetic field will be generated on the surface of the workpiece due to the existence of shortcomings. Therefore, the shortcomings in the guess can be found through the detection of magnetic leakage.

The main load-bearing component of stainless steel pipes. Discussions were conducted on the structural design and optimization of stainless steel pipe fittings, the preparation skills of stainless steel pipe fittings, the theoretical planning and experimental analysis of axial compression performance, etc. Strength planning has always been a difficulty and hot spot in the structural planning of stainless steel pipe fittings. Regardless of whether it is an angularly layered stainless steel pipe fitting or an axial/circular orthogonal layered pipe fitting, an appropriate amount of hoop layer can significantly improve the axial compressive strength of the pipe fitting. After changing the 20% angle layer (axial layer) to the ring layer, the axial compressive strength of stainless steel pipe fittings with a wrap angle of 20° will be doubled, and the axial compressive strength of orthogonally layered stainless steel pipe fittings will also be increased. Increased by more than 10%.

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