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What aspects of stainless steel wire need to be inspected
- 2020-04-23-

It is difficult to avoid the problem of stainless steel wire damage during the service life, so punctual inspection work is extremely important. Reasonable outside viewing can ensure anytime, anywhere monitor of stainless steel wire performance indicators, so as to avoid accidents. Stainless steel wire from the four aspects of diameter, damage, broken belt and lubrication, for you to actually discuss how to do a good job in the outside view of the stainless steel wire.

1. Check damage

The problem of damage to the stainless steel wire in the whole process is inevitable. The damage check in the external view can show the contact between the stainless steel wire and the matched wheel groove, and the specific bearing capacity of the stainless steel wire is determined based on the damage level of the stainless steel wire. Make a guess.

2. Lubrication view

The stainless steel wire of Shenzhen Yitian Metal has generally gone through the lubrication treatment, but with the increase of the service life, the grease will gradually decrease, so as to control the damage to the galvanized steel wire rope by friction to a lower level, and the lubrication on time Viewing is indispensable, it is also very beneficial for the addition of stainless steel wire life.

3. Broken tape view

The broken belt of stainless steel wire mostly occurs in the middle and late stages of use, and it is generally not easy for the user to terminate the use again when the broken belt occurs, so punctual inspection of the broken belt is indispensable. The inspection of the broken belt in the lay length can predict the development trend rate of the broken belt and the re-carrying capacity of the stainless steel wire. This is an important method to guess and analyze the fatigue life of the galvanized steel wire rope.

4. Diameter view

Diameter is one of the important main parameters of stainless steel wire. Accurate and accurate measurement of diameter can immediately show whether the supporting force of the strands is common when the stainless steel wire is twisted, and distinguish whether the stainless steel wire bears too much impact load. It is clear that the stainless steel wire Whether the core of the wire has sufficient bearing capacity for the strands, we can see the importance of checking the diameter of the stainless steel wire.

In general, from the beginning of delivery, the stainless steel wire has faced different levels of damage problems, and the performance indicators have just begun to be reduced. Reasonable outside inspection work can deal with the lack of stainless steel wire in time to avoid ransomware. The adverse effects. Stainless steel wire use and maintenance are equally important, and outside inspection is undoubtedly an important aspect of stainless steel wire maintenance, which should cause your attention.