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How much do you know about the characteristics of the use of piano steel wire
- 2020-04-01-

Piano wire is also called piano wire, English name music wire, piano wire, which belongs to high carbon steel.

The piano steel wire is cold drawn after quenching in a lead bath. It has a very high strength limit and elastic limit, and is a widely used small spring material. The quality and performance of the steel wire are strictly required. In addition to the tensile test, it also needs to be tested for changes, corrosion, and sharp carbon.

According to the purpose, it can be divided into piano steel wire used to make various important springs, various high-stress mechanical springs and valve springs.

Uses: used to make steel wire for strings, valve springs and high-stress springs.

Features: It has the characteristics of high strength, elasticity, fatigue resistance, creep resistance and resistance, smooth and clean surface, strong rust resistance and excellent music performance. Steel for steel wire includes carbon steel and stainless steel.

(See alloy steel wire) Carbon piano wire is made of high-carbon high-quality carbon structural steel and carbon tool steel. The content of sulfur and phosphorus in steel must not exceed 0.025%, and the content of copper must not exceed 0.20%. The diameter of the piano wire is between 0.08 and 6mm. Each reel of steel wire should consist of one steel wire, and no welded joints are allowed. The steel wire should have regular tensile strength and change properties.

The depth of the total decarburization layer on one side of the piano wire used as the valve spring shall not exceed 1% of the wire diameter. The surface of the steel wire shall not have cracks, folds, scars, cracks, iron oxide scale and rust, and the surface of the steel wire shall be non-polished, polished and coated. The coated steel wire has the characteristics of brightness, beauty and abrasion resistance. Coating materials include cadmium, tin and zinc-nickel alloy.

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