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Briefly on the inevitable development trend of stainless steel belt
- 2020-02-27-

Stainless steel precision belt will inevitably expand forward

1) The necessity of unfolding precision stainless steel belt

The materials used for precision stainless steel work nowadays are mixed. The use and effective use of the materials are the needs of some traders to adjust the economic structure. The deployment of precision steel belts can effectively promote the development of high-tech industries such as electronic information, precision machinery and instruments, aerospace and aviation, actively promote the integration of informatization and industrialization, and accelerate economic restructuring and changes in growth methods.

The need for industrial restructuring. At present, the self-sufficiency rate of stainless steel strip in my country is about 45%. High-strength precision strip steel needs to spend a lot of foreign exchange to import from abroad. Vigorously expand my country's high-strength precision strip steel, which is the top priority in the structural adjustment of steel products at that time.

The need to maintain stable economic growth. Precision strip steel is classified as a high value-added product. Shenzhen Yitian Metal still maintains a gross profit margin of 15% under the previously extremely sluggish market environment. The vigorous expansion of precision strip steel can improve the steel industry’s ability to resist market risks and maintain stable economic growth. .

2) Risk analysis of technical barriers

Due to the high technical barriers of stainless steel precision strip steel, the production technology level is very high, and the capacity utilization rate has always been low, and it is difficult to solve in the short term. Especially for precision strips of stainless steel, titanium, zirconium and other high-strength alloys with a thickness of less than 0.1mm, currently only a few domestic companies can produce them, and their production capacity has always been insufficient. Due to high technical barriers and lack of professional and technical personnel, many advanced equipment acquired by precision strip steel companies cannot quickly improve the utilization rate of equipment. From the early stage of production to stable quality, a long adjustment process is required, which will directly affect the company's grasp of the market. Business opportunities, miss the profit cycle. It should be foreseen.

3) Feasibility of unfolding precision stainless steel belt

The acceleration of domestic economic restructuring has allowed the development of high-tech industries and information technology industries to maintain a certain growth rate or even accelerate. These tasks have a pulling effect on the need for precision strip steel, and to a certain extent, increase the demand for precision strip steel. Judging from the current expectations of the primary need for work additions for stainless steel precision strip steel, due to the rapid increase in the work of cars and home appliances in China and the relevant domestic policy subsidies, there will be a large market demand for precision strip products.