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Do you know what is water stop copper tape?
- 2020-02-14-

What is water stop copper tape

With the rapid development of China's hydraulic construction work, the water-stop system used in it has continued to undergo qualitative changes in order to meet market needs. From stone, soil, wood to the current new systems such as rubber, copper, steel, etc., they are all constructions. The mark of the huge development of the industry. How to choose between silver welding and brazing when welding water-stop copper sheets? To interpret this difficulty for everyone, we first need to understand two welding methods. The silver electrode has a low melting point and strong weldability, so it is easy to use in construction, the unit price is high, and the formed weld has high strength and poor plasticity. The brass electrode has a high current and is difficult to weld. There are two methods:

One is a single-layer weld. Through our company's repeated testing and research, it is believed that the copper water-stop weld may have a thin surface and low strength.

The second is a double-layer weld, which improves the strength of the weld and has the effect of annealing. In addition, the brass weld also has good plastic properties. Therefore, it is recommended to use double-layer welding bead of brass electrode when welding water-stop red copper tape on site. The plasticity and corrosion resistance of copper water stop can bring good news to our water stop and seepage prevention project.

In my country's South-to-North Water Transfer Project and the Three Gorges Dam concrete water conservancy project, the water-stop copper belt has been fully used. Although the cost of the water-stop copper sheet is relatively high, there are strict quality management in all aspects from the production and processing of the next day metal company to the on-site welding and installation. In water conservancy projects, looking at the water-stop system, it will become a trend that copper water-stops with different structures will replace ordinary water-stops.