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Briefly on the application effect of stainless steel wire in daily life
- 2019-11-26-

Stainless steel wire is a material that all consumers are very familiar with. This material is suitable for many local areas. Many large-scale construction sites will use this product. Its mesh surface is more flexible than other steel wires and can be made into various shapes. , And overall, it is also very strong, the anti-corrosion performance is also relatively strong, the mesh display is very beautiful and regular, each connection is designed reasonably, and it is suitable for a wide range of occasions. Stainless steel wire can play a certain decorative effect. This material can be used in many places. It has no other restrictions in the process of using it. It can also be used for more complex walls and has been recognized by everyone.

Stainless steel wire can be used for re-drawing, weaving nets, hoses, steel wire ropes, filter equipment, steel rubber wires, springs, etc. It is the main raw material of stainless steel filter mesh, stainless steel mine screen, stainless steel wire mesh, and stainless steel welded wire mesh. Products are widely used in weaving woven wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, conveyor mesh belt, stainless steel wire rope, handicrafts, tableware racks, barbecue nets and various weaving, twisting, binding and other purposes. Divided into hydrogen retreated wire, hard bright wire, stretched spring wire.

1. Fake and inferior steel is easy to fold. Folding is a variety of fold lines formed by the appearance of steel, and this shortcoming often runs through the longitudinal direction of the entire product. The reason for the folding is that the fake and inferior manufacturers are pursuing high efficiency, the amount of reduction is too large, the ears will occur, and the folding will occur during the next rolling. The folded product will crack after bending, and the strength of the steel will be greatly reduced.

2. The appearance of fake and inferior steel is often pitted. The pitted surface is the shortcoming of the irregular roughness of the steel surface caused by the serious wear of the rolling groove. Because the counterfeit and inferior steel manufacturers want to seek profit, there is often the most overrun of groove rolling.