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Briefly describe the difference between stainless steel wire and stainless steel iron
- 2019-12-24-

Stainless steel wire and stainless steel iron

Stainless steel has a history of more than 90 years of development, and many types of stainless steel have different functions.

According to the organizational structure, it can be divided into four categories: martensitic stainless steel (including stacked printed stainless steel), ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and austenitic plus ferritic duplex stainless steel; according to the chemical composition, it is chromium stainless steel, Chromium-nickel stainless steel, chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel, low-carbon stainless steel, high-molybdenum stainless steel, high-purity stainless steel, etc.; according to functional characteristics and use, it is divided into nitric acid-resistant stainless steel, sulfuric acid-resistant stainless steel, pitting-resistant stainless steel, stress-resistant stainless steel, High-strength stainless steel, etc.; according to function, it is divided into low temperature stainless steel, non-magnetic stainless steel, free-cutting stainless steel, superplastic stainless steel, etc.; stainless steel is divided into two major categories: chromium stainless iron and chromium-nickel stainless steel iron according to the organization structure; Nitric acid stainless iron, sulfuric acid-resistant stainless iron, seawater-resistant stainless iron; according to the type of corrosion resistance, it can be divided into stainless iron, stress corrosion-resistant stainless iron, intergranular stainless iron, etc.; according to functional characteristics Divided into non-magnetic stainless iron, free-cutting stainless iron, low-temperature stainless iron, high-strength stainless iron, etc. Stainless steel wire rods are widely used products in stainless steel. Stainless steel wire ropes are mostly used for the top of stainless steel wire rods. What is the production of rusty wire rope and the use of stainless steel products? How should we view the development and prospects of stainless steel wire and stainless steel products? What is the market and current situation of our stainless steel products? The next day Metals will talk about these issues with us.

The types of stainless steel wire rods generally account for between 8% and 10% of stainless steel products. According to 9% accounting, the world’s wire rod production in 2006 was 2.5 million tons, and the wire rod production has beaten Japan and my country’s wire rod production. China is about 250,000 tons, and my country is about 360,000 tons. 50% of Japanese wire rods are exported to the United States, my country, the European Union and other countries and regions. my country’s wire rods are basically used for production, and exports are few. Most of them are used in their own countries. The mainland uses about 210,000 tons, my country's Taiwan Province estimates 50,000 to 80,000 tons, and Japan uses 120,000 to 150,000 tons, ranking second in the world. There are also many stainless steel wire rope manufacturers in Korea, Italy, India, and mainland my country, which are about 200, but most of them are small factories with an annual output of tens to hundreds of tons.