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In which areas are the use of stainless steel small capillaries focused
- 2019-11-14-

The use and development of stainless steel will be concentrated in four major areas

The continuous advancement of modern economic construction has greatly promoted the development of the use of stainless steel. Stainless steel coils, small stainless steel capillaries, stainless steel welded pipes, stainless steel rods, stainless steel wire ropes and other categories of stainless steel products have exploded in industrial and civilian fields.

According to experts' speculation on the development of stainless steel work, Shenzhen Yitian Metal Stainless Steel Courageously estimates that in the future, the development of stainless steel use will focus on the four major areas of construction, car transportation, mechanical processing and environmental protection.

1. Construction industry

According to the materials of the Special Steel Enterprise Association, the annual growth rate of the residential construction industry in my country exceeds 20%. In 2002, there were 5 billion square meters of residential housing in cities and towns, with an average of 15 square meters per capita. The average residential area per capita in the second world countries is 35 square meters. The central issue is to increase the per capita dwelling area. Because stainless steel has high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight and beauty, low life cycle cost, and especially good fire resistance, it has entered the building structure field from exterior decoration and internal facilities.

There are two experiences in the use of stainless steel in the construction industry abroad that are worthy of warning: one is the use of stainless steel in the concrete foundation. Especially in coastal areas and highways where salt is removed in winter, stainless steel is used for the foundation and structure, stainless steel and duplex steel are also used for rebars, and stainless steel is used for roofs and structures. The second is to analyze the life-cycle cost of infrastructure. Foreign countries have already begun to legislate in this area, while my country is more considering the amount of investment to start, and there is less analysis of cycle costs.

2. Mechanical processing industry

The transfer of machining manufacturing from a prosperous country to a developing region is the trend of world economic development. my country's mechanical processing and manufacturing industry will follow the trajectory of toys-home appliances-large mechanical equipment and equipment, from small to large, from simple to messy, and from elementary to high-end development. Stainless steel is not only a corrosion-resistant material, but also a good structural material, especially through cold working and hydroforming hardening to maintain a certain degree of plasticity. The share of stainless steel used in machinery manufacturing professions in the thriving area is more than 15%. The development of my country's machinery manufacturing industry, especially heavy manufacturing, petrochemical equipment, and medical equipment will further drive the use of stainless steel.

3. Car transportation industry

The use of stainless steel in the car transportation industry is showing a worldwide expansion trend. With the United States as the representative, my country has just started and is a big potential market. The car industry is the main point of my country's national economic development, and it is currently increasing at a rate of 20%. By 2010, my country's car production will reach more than 10 million cars per year (now 300 to 4 million cars per year), and it will become a major consumer of cars. In addition, track vehicles such as trains, light rails, subways, and ships are also developing rapidly.

Because of its high strength, stainless steel has a relatively light weight, especially after being impacted, it absorbs energy stronger than other metal materials and has good safety performance. It is a key material used in the car transportation industry. There are more than 10 million cars produced in the United States each year, and each car only uses 40-50 kilograms of ferritic steel for the exhaust pipe. According to foreign experience, my country's use of ferritic steel will increase.

Fourth, the field of environmental protection

The requirements of the sustainable development strategy for 3R materials are reduction, reuse, and recycling, that is, use less materials, reusable, and 100% recovery. Stainless steel is a green and environmentally friendly material that fully meets the 3R requirements. It has a wide range of uses in environmental protection, such as water industry and water treatment, flue gas desulfurization equipment, waste incinerators and other environmental protection equipment, which can be widely used to improve the human environment. Because of its low cost, high strength, long life span, and environmental protection, it is completely possible to replace other metal materials. The sustainable development strategy is a common international title. In the demand and use field of stainless steel, my country is researching, developing and promoting with foreign countries.

At the same time, Shenzhen Yitian Metal believes that in addition to stepping up the improvement and innovation of mainstream use areas, some relatively unpopular use areas can also be used as incidental research topics, and strive to develop more new uses of stainless steel pipe products.