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Share tips on purchasing stainless steel pipes
- 2019-09-10-

With the implementation of my country’s reform and opening policy, the national economy has achieved rapid growth. In many cases,stainless steel pipeIt is more advantageous, especially the thin-walled stainless steel pipe with a wall thickness of only 0.6~1.2mm is safe, reliable, hygienic, environmentally friendly, and economical in high-quality drinking water systems, hot water systems, and water supply systems that put safety and hygiene in the first place. It has been proved by domestic and foreign engineering practice to be one of the best, new, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly pipes for water supply systems. Because it has more advantages that other pipes can’t replace, it will be used more and more in projects. More, the use will become more and more popular, so today the editor tells us how to buy stainless steel pipes correctly, hoping to provide you with some help.

1. Before choosing stainless steel pipes, consider the purpose and use environment of stainless steel pipes.

2. It is necessary to ensure that the raw materials meet the standards when selecting steel pipes. Take 304 raw material as an example:

1. It can be tested with acidic reagents, raw material 304 will not change color after 30 seconds, and 201 will turn black;

2. Check carefully whether the raw material "304" is stamped on the surface of the tube, and obtain the manufacturer's quality certificate as proof;

3. Analyze from the price, if the 304 raw material stainless steel pipe is even lower than the general price of the 301 raw material on the market, it should be carefully distinguished, and it may be fake from other raw materials;

4. When purchasing in large quantities, samples can be taken and sent to the Prestige Testing Center of my country for component testing.

3. Observe whether the color of the outer surface and the inner wall of the tube is bright and smooth, whether the thickness is uniform or rough.

Generally, welded pipes do not need to be checked. Seamless steel pipes are produced by cold-drawn or hot-rolled methods. Improper operation during the production process is likely to cause uneven thickness and cracks on the pipe surface. Rough appearance is generally seamless pipes. No polishing treatment, if there is no special requirement on the appearance, it will not affect the use.

4. When purchasing, you should choose excellent products that have been assessed by the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

5. When purchasing, you must try to choose the rolled tube with less internal heavy skin, pitting, and rolling blue lines, especially to check whether the internal and external surfaces are smooth and flat.

The above are some tips for purchasing stainless steel pipes. Choosing high-quality stainless steel pipes not only has the advantages of safety, reliability, hygiene and environmental protection, but also economical application, which can effectively reduce the production cost of the factory and improve economic benefits. It is also a very competitive water supply pipe, which will definitely play an unparalleled role in improving water quality and improving people's living standards. Welcome customers and friends to inquire!