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Take everyone to understand the use and characteristics of stainless steel wire
- 2019-08-07-

Uses and characteristics of stainless steel wire
Uses of stainless steel wire: It is mainly used for cold forging different precision screws, bolts or other non-standard parts. It can also be used to make rivets, row nails, coil nails, mechanical parts, etc.
Classification of stainless steel wire: stainless steel bright wire, stainless steel car axis, stainless steel hydrogen debonding wire, stainless steel square wire, 304 stainless steel wire, stainless steel electrolytic wire, stainless steel full flexible wire, stainless steel annealing wire, stainless steel flat wire, stainless steel cast wire, 316 Stainless steel wire, 316L stainless steel Xinlei wire, 316 stainless steel spring wire, etc.
Features of stainless steel wire:
1. Complete product specifications and diverse materials;
2. The chemical composition is stable, the steel is clean, and the content of inclusions is low;
3. It has strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue resistance;
4. High dimensional accuracy, up to ±0.01mm;
5. Excellent surface quality and good brightness;
6. Can be customized non-standard;
7. The packaging is intact and the price is favorable.
304 stainless steel wire performance and use
304 stainless steel wire is also called 304 stainless steel wire.
304 stainless steel has good heat resistance and is suitable for food equipment, chemical equipment, and atomic energy industrial equipment; 304L stainless steel has good anti-corrosion properties. If it is used for welding and processing stainless steel products, the welding part does not need to be anti-corrosion treatment, and it will not rust. 304 stainless steel wire use: different specifications and types of silk products made of stainless steel as raw materials, origin in the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, generally round or flat in cross section. Common stainless steel wires with good corrosion resistance are 304 and 316 stainless steel wires.
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