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Analysis on the production process of stainless steel small capillary
- 2019-07-31-

1. The sanitary stainless steel capillary tube cannot use the industrial grade polished tube of the general stainless steel tube. The brightness of the general polished tube cannot reach the brightness required by the customer. Therefore, it is necessary to manufacture the stainless steel tube with higher precision. We have our own requirements and specifications for the sanitary pipe made by the capillary tube, and then meet the process manufacturing requirements and brightness performance of the sanitary stainless steel small capillary tube. It will not present the two manifestations of the brightness of the sanitary stainless steel capillary tube.

2. Process production of specific expression methods of gloss. The process of our annealing furnace meets the relevant performance and quality requirements of my country's quality management system ISO9001, ensuring that the gloss of the final product meets the relevant quality requirements of our country.

3. High temperature and high heat treatment process. Our workers have undergone rigorous training to meet the requirements of our country's relevant crafts.

The stainless steel coil tube, because of its special material characteristics, has the characteristics of high heat resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and strong resistance to impact stress. It also has a lubricating surface and is not easy to remain fouling. Dirt and residue can automatically slide out through the lubricated tube wall. The effects of ammonia corrosion and oxidation corrosion will not affect stainless steel coils. Therefore, the service life is long, the waste of resources caused by maintenance can be effectively reduced, and the manufacturing process is good, and the parts can be replaced directly, which is practical and reliable.

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