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Can stainless steel capillaries be used in water heaters
- 2019-07-16-

With the continuous improvement of the level of industrialization, the refinement requirements of engineering construction are getting higher and higher, and the application fields of stainless steel capillary tubes are becoming more and more extensive.

For example, a welding technique called high-frequency welding with silver welding rings uses stainless steel capillaries. According to industry insiders, the welding process of this kind of welding technology is messy, and it is especially suitable for welding demand with higher output value. Generally speaking, this welding method is the joining process in which the molten silver welding ring fills the gap of the workpiece and forms the joint under the effect of the stainless steel capillary. The welding temperature requirement is between the melting temperature of the base metal and 450 degrees, in other words, the temperature requirement is greater than 450 degrees and less than the melting temperature of the base metal; this welding technology is widely used due to its economical, practical and strong applicability. It is used in various production systems such as air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, electronic components, and business machines.

When the capillary tube of the water tank of a conventional air-energy water heater is heating, following the heat exchange with the tank body, the measurement of the refrigerant in the capillary tube will always increase. When the capillary inlet is often not able to heat the inner tube, it will appear. The title of uneven water temperature in the same position, not to mention this heat exchange method will cause too high chip pressure, which will affect the service life.

The two-way parallel surround method ensures that every part of the inner tank is evenly heated, which increases the fine chip pressure and extends the service life of the unit. However, Gree Electric, which has strict requirements for the quality of goods, did not hesitate to choose 304L stainless steel with better anti-corrosion performance and better riveting performance. According to the introduction of the industry: 304L and 304 have only one more letter in the title, but the carbon content is very different from the chromium and nickel content. The corrosion resistance and riveting performance of the 304L material are compared with that of the 304. Steps. Different from the plan of using capillaries as a dieting component for the preservation of the atmosphere energy water heater, an electronic shortening valve is now selected as a saving element. The complicated and economical control is changed to an adaptive control method, which is satisfied with the active scheduling of chip fines under different conditions. The refrigerant flow is more accurate, and it is more energy-efficient than the general stainless steel capillary saving method. From the near conditions, Huanyu uses the heat energy to preheat the working fluid. After the working fluid steam is compressed by the compressor, the measurement and pressure drop form low-temperature steam. When the low-temperature steam is condensed into a solid by the condenser, the released heat energy is transferred to The water in the water storage tank. The condensed preheating working fluid passes through the shortening valve to the entertainment device, and then is entertainment, and then the heating cycle is completed.