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What factors restrict the innovation of small stainless steel capillaries
- 2018-11-28-

The factors restricting the development of 304 stainless steel capillary tubes are not only in innovation, but also other important factors. For example: lack of discipline construction, lack of investment in scientific research, low level of product technology, high pressure on resources, power, environment, and capital, insufficient safety protection, insufficient safety protection, lack of support for industry development, and so on. Therefore, Chongqing advocates 304 stainless steel capillary hot partners: to change their concepts, insist on independent innovation, take the road of combining production, teaching and research, establish industrial technology innovation strategic alliances, improve the level of 304 stainless steel capillaries, participate in international competition, and improve information Technology, strengthening discipline construction, cultivating more high-quality talents, and the support of domestic policies. These policies need to take both the outside and the inside into consideration. It is necessary to expand internal demand and stabilize external demand.

A very important point. The key point of the company's development is its "positioning". What is the company's goal? What height do you want to reach? Good positioning can mean that the company has a clear development direction, and it will not go a long way for a company to ignore the "brand" by relying solely on the quality of the product. Now in our country, the 304 stainless steel capillary tube is still in its infancy, and the 304 stainless steel capillary tube will continue to find its own problems and promote its own development.
With the rapid development of my country's economy and the increasing progress of the society, 304 stainless steel capillary tubes have received "attention" in various fields, providing 304 stainless steel capillary tubes with a broad space for development. In this case, how should Chongqing 304 Stainless Steel Capillary Co., Ltd. conform to the trend of the times and continuously improve and develop the enterprise?
The continuous improvement of people's living standards in the past few years has a clear effect on the advancement of the industry. The market prospects of the 304 stainless steel capillary tube industry are generally optimistic by the Chinese. Now my country 304Stainless steel small capillaryThe output value of the company fluctuates in the range of 50 billion yuan, and the annual import of 304 stainless steel capillaries is about 1.5 billion US dollars. And 304 stainless steel capillary manufacturing industry is an important industry that provides technology and equipment for the industry. However, due to the late start and the inability to concentrate technical resources, my country's and 304 stainless steel capillary manufacturing industries have very weak technological innovation capabilities. At present, many domestic and 304 stainless steel capillary manufacturing enterprises are in a relatively passive position, and many technical improvements are often helpless. The long-term outlook is favored by so many people, why is there such a helpless move?

From the perspective of enterprise development, strict control of enterprise funds is a fatal error. Controlling funds cannot avoid the overvalue and waste of the enterprise, but will prevent the enterprise from opening up new areas to a certain extent and bring about the economy. On the loss. The 304 stainless steel capillary tube must relax the standard on the capital, and adjust the capital operation reasonably. The development of the enterprise does not rely on the word "saving". From the point of view of innovation, a successful company can see business opportunities that others can't see. Instead of doing work that others do, it does what others dare not do. The work that everyone is doing, the company will follow others' ass for a long time after doing it. When can it surpass others? Therefore, if you want to transcend, you must be innovative and novel. This is a way out for enterprises to develop quickly. From the perspective of corporate talents, we must learn to allocate human resources rationally and attach importance to the cultivation of talents. Enterprises have room for growth, and the emphasis on professional training of employees will certainly retain talents to a certain extent. How to retain an employee is very important. Let the employees see the development space and hope in you. From the product point of view, do not meet the status quo for a long time, listen more and consider what kind of product the customer needs.