Piano steel wire customization

Piano steel wire customization

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Suitable for making all kinds of pressure, tension and torsion springs, suitable for rolling various types of springs, automobile engine valve springs, precision instruments, electrical equipment, production machinery, brake springs, clutch springs, refrigerator compressor springs, etc. that are subject to dynamic loads spring.

Material characteristics: excellent winding ability, excellent corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and good formability and extensibility, excellent and stable quality, and nickel-plated steel wire has excellent soldering performance (the thickness of the nickel-plated steel wire is more than 4 microns), good winding performance, especially suitable for manufacturing battery springs.

Piano wireAlso known as piano wire, English name music wire, piano wire, belongs to high carbon steel.
The piano wire is cold drawn after quenching in a lead bath. It has a very high strength limit and elastic limit, and is a widely used small spring material. The quality and performance of the steel wire are strictly required. In addition to the tensile test, the torsion, corrosion, and sharp carbon tests are also required. According to the purpose, it can be divided into piano wire used to manufacture various important springs, various high-stress mechanical springs and valve springs.
Purpose: Used to make steel wire for piano strings, valve springs and high-stress springs.