Stainless steel wire manufacturer

Stainless steel wire manufacturer

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International stainless steel marking method

The American Iron and Steel Institute uses three digits to indicate various standard grades of forgeable stainless steel. among them:

①Austenitic stainless steel is marked with 200 and 300 series numbers, for example, some of the more common austenitic stainless steels

It is marked with 201, 304, 316, and 310.

②Ferritic and martensitic stainless steels are represented by numbers in the 400 series.

③Ferritic stainless steel is marked with 430 and 446, and martensitic stainless steel is marked with 410, 420 and 440C

Remember, dual phase (austenite-ferrite),

④Stainless steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel and high alloys with iron content less than 50% are usually named by patent names or trademarks.

4). Standard classification and classification

4-1 Classification:

①National standard GB ②Industry standard YB ③Local standard ④Enterprise standard Q/CB

4-2 Classification:

①Product standard②Packaging standard③Method standard④Basic standard