Briefly describe the main types of stainless steel pipes
- 2021-03-08-

Stainless steel pipes are commonly used pipes in engineering, and two common materials are 201 and 304. Because it is used more and more widely in engineering, its prospects have always been optimistic. Let's take a brief look at the characteristics of stainless steel pipes with the editor below.

In some cases, stainless steel pipes have advantages, especially thin-walled stainless steel pipes with a wall thickness of only 0.6-1.2mm. They are safe in high-quality drinking water systems, hot water systems, and water supply systems that put safety and hygiene in the first place. Reliability, sanitation, environmental protection, economical application and other characteristics. It has been proved by practice to be one of the pipes with good performance, new style, energy saving and environmental protection in the water supply system. The type of stainless steel pipes will be introduced in detail below.

1. Stainless steel decorative pipe

1. Material: 201 and 304 are the main ones, and 301 and 316 are few

2. Use: Mainly for decoration projects such as stairs, doors, windows and guardrails, and some products with lower requirements are piping

3. Features: bright appearance, brushed or frosted, negative difference

2. Stainless steel product pipe

1. Material: Mainly 201, 304, 316

2. Uses: sanitary and household appliances, product piping, fluid pipes, etc.

3. Features: Strict requirements for standard plus and minus errors, appearance brightness, workmanship, etc., there are requirements for bending, expansion and contraction, etc.

Three, stainless steel special-shaped tube

Generally, when the number of special-shaped tubes is small, the method of secondary compression tube forming is adopted for round tubes. The large number can be customized for production. Due to the different standards, sometimes the mold is short, and the corresponding mold cost may need to be borne.

1. Oval tube: regular oval tube, flat oval tube

2. Grooved tube: round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, etc. can be grooved, generally used for guardrail frame glass

3. Others: triangles, handrails, arches, sectors, door frame pipes, etc.

Four, stainless steel striped tube

The appearance of the striped tube has changed the single appearance of the traditional stainless steel tube, which is refreshing. A few days ago, a number of tube factories have launched the striped tube project.

1. Ordinary embossing: traditional round tube section pressing gourd markings

2. European-style embossing: embossing, auspicious clouds, money and other markings on the outside of the pipe

Five, colorful stainless steel pipe

A layer of color is plated on the surface of the stainless steel tube, any material standard is acceptable, and the corresponding processing cost is added according to the square on the basis of the tube. The colorful tube needs to reduce the welding probability and choose the link.

Six, stainless steel composite pipe

1. Stainless steel composite pipe: In the past two years, there was a composite pipe of 304 on the outside and 201 on the inner layer. Now, after the price of 304 has dropped, the composite pipe is rare.

2. Carbon steel composite pipe: External surface 201 or 304, internal carbon steel, surface thickness below 1.0, generally used for highway guardrail engineering.

Seven, stainless steel industrial pipe

Industrial pipes also include welded pipes and seamless pipes, which are mainly used in engineering structures and various types of pipelines.