What are the main application areas of stainless steel small capillaries
- 2020-12-07-

Application areas of stainless steel capillaries:

With the diversified development, our stainless steel capillary tubes are also in order to meet the ever-changing market needs. Now the number of stainless steel capillaries is becoming more and more abundant. From the original single stainless steel capillary tube to the current use of the entire production line, the entire stainless steel capillary tube work is also gradually strong.

For example, a welding technique called high-frequency welding with silver welding rings uses small stainless steel capillaries. According to industry insiders, the welding process of this kind of welding technology is more complicated, and it is especially suitable for welding demand with higher output. In general, this welding method is the process of filling the gaps of the workpiece and forming the joints with the molten silver welding ring under the effect of the stainless steel capillary. The welding temperature requirement is between the melting temperature of the base metal and 450 degrees, in other words, the temperature requirement is greater than 450 degrees and less than the melting temperature of the base metal; this welding technology relies on the advantages of economy, practicality and strong applicability. It is widely used in various production systems in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, electronic components, and business machines.

Now the success of the stainless steel capillary tube company has brought tremendous benefits to our stainless steel capillary tube manufacturing. Our company is still doing its best to create a glorious future for us and make our tomorrow even more beautiful.

Stainless steel capillary tubes are not unfamiliar to everyone. Here is a brief introduction to his maintenance methods:

1. The stainless steel capillary tube is wiped off the dust every half month; 2. The process of the stainless steel capillary tube determines its limiting function. Generally, seamless steel pipes have low precision: uneven wall thickness, low brightness inside and outside the tube, and high cost of fixed length. , And there are pits and black spots on the inside and outside that are not easy to remove; it can be washed with water.

3. The detection and shaping of stainless steel capillary tubes must be processed offline. Therefore, it embodies its superiority in terms of high-pressure, high-strength, and mechanical structural materials. Never wipe the stainless steel coil with alcohol!

4. The material of the stainless steel capillary tube undergoes elastic and plastic strain under the effect of flow force. If the stress is large enough, the stainless steel capillary tube will cause cracking. Tidy up the stainless steel capillary tube; pay attention to the interface.

5. Never let the coil catch the acidic medium; stainless steel will corrode if it encounters the acidic medium!