What is the aging hardening of stainless steel pipes?
- 2020-07-28-

The phenomenon of aging does not only mean hardening. Hardness and strength are the distinguishing characteristics of stainless steel, so we call it aging to mean hardening. Because of the age hardening phenomenon, the creation of duralumin is available. Duralumin is called aluminum alloy 2000 series here, and the original creation is very good. The age hardening of stainless steel pipes can be understood as follows. The alloy elements that should accumulate during the heat treatment of the stainless steel tube will not accumulate because of the rapid cooling, but are forced to dissolve in the steel tube, which is a solution treatment. The solution-treated stainless steel pipe is in an unstable condition, and the alloy elements inside it may accumulate in an attempt to restore the stable condition. As time goes by, the alloy elements gradually accumulate, making the relative sliding between the alloy grids more and more difficult, that is, the hardness of the alloy is getting higher and higher. From the above process, age hardening can be called accumulation hardening. The aging effect of hardening at room temperature is room temperature hardening. Artificial age hardening is a method of artificially increasing the temperature and accelerating the movement of the element atoms dissolved in the alloy to accelerate the age hardening. This artificial age hardening is also called pile hardening. Aluminum alloys and castings have relevant standards in JIS. T4 indicates that hardening is carried out at room temperature after quenching, and T5 and T6 indicate that the tempering treatment is accumulation hardening.

With the improvement of society, the needs of human life are constantly increasing. The rise of some large-scale construction industries has enabled many people to improve their living environment. These large-scale construction industries use many stainless steel pipes to improve product quality by using these steel pipes. Take it to a new level. Such products are also used frequently in the construction industry, and there are strict requirements in the production process. The manufacturing process is also messy. It can maintain its own role in the production process, and has strong stability and corrosion resistance. Its production requirements are very high. Different types of 304 stainless steel pipes play different roles.

304 stainless steel pipe has strong characteristics, and its corrosion resistance is also deeply loved by many consumers. According to its function, it can be seen that it is suitable for many areas, and its high temperature resistance is also very strong. Test under a high temperature of tens of degrees, you will find that the stainless steel tube will not deform after the high temperature, maybe it will be placed at a temperature of tens of degrees below zero, and there will be no damage. Therefore, its advantages are very powerful. 304 product has many advantages, and people are very satisfied with its superiority. Therefore, the total amount of products exported to foreign countries every year is also very large, and many people love it.