Analyze what are the characteristics of the industry development of stainless steel strip
- 2019-07-09-

At present, the development of my country's stainless steel belt industry is in a critical period. After more than ten years of polishing, even in the current economic downturn in shopping malls, the development characteristics of the large industry are still gradually becoming prominent. So, what are the detailed characteristics of the development of the stainless steel belt industry after all? Kaiwei is here to discuss with you.

1. The stainless steel belt industry is developing rapidly. Since 1997, when my country promoted the development of stainless steel belt and formulated a long-term plan, it has been more than ten years since the beginning of the year. In these ten years, my country's stainless steel belt industry has developed rapidly. Now our country has become the top producer and consumer country in the world.

2. Many stainless steel strip enterprises have been completed and put into production. With the reform and opening up and the economic development of shopping malls, the contradiction between supply and demand has become greater and the domestic production capacity is seriously insufficient. Therefore, some high-standard stainless steel welded pipes, stainless steel screws and other products have to rely heavily on imports to solve them, but huge shopping malls also Promoted the completion and commissioning of domestic stainless steel strip enterprises.

3. Private stainless steel belt enterprises are strong. Because of the flexibility of the private mechanism, some private enterprises have taken the lead in large public enterprises, occupying a certain share of the market and making huge profits, which in turn has promoted the overall career development and skill innovation.

4. The price increase of raw materials has increased the production cost of stainless steel belts. With the continuous increase in the production of stainless steel strips in the world, especially the rapid development of stainless steel strips in China in recent years, the supply and demand of stainless steel strips such as nickel, chromium, and stainless steel strip scrap have increased to a certain extent. The type development and the origin of the stainless steel belt material have opened up a new path.

5. Strengthen the research and development of the technology and skills of stainless steel belt products. Compared with foreign advanced enterprises in stainless steel belt production skills, product development, and rational use of products, my country's stainless steel belt enterprises have a big gap. Therefore, it is very necessary to increase the research and development of product technology and skills.

6. Imports of stainless steel belts have dropped sharply, while exports have increased sharply. Now, the huge changes in the quantity and type of my country's stainless steel strip imports and exports fully indicate that my country's stainless steel strip industry has already possessed a certain production strength through the production and construction in recent years, and it complements each other in types and can be used in small batches. , A variety of categories to meet the requirements of shopping malls.

The above are the main characteristics of the development of my country's stainless steel belt industry. With the slowdown of domestic economic growth, professional competition for stainless steel belts is increasing. Experts suggest that the profession of stainless steel belts should be based on optimizing the product quality system, committed to skill development and market development, and make every effort to increase the concentration of stainless steel belt industry and global competition. force.