What are the reasons for the blockage of the small stainless steel capillary
- 2020-10-24-

Small stainless steel capillaries are widely used in many building materials. Because its inner diameter is equal to or less than 1 mm, improper operation will cause blockage of the small stainless steel capillary tube during use. When we encounter such problems, it will be difficult to come out, and it will also bring a lot of trouble to our construction. So how do we prevent the small stainless steel capillary from clogging? Now I will introduce some issues that we need to pay attention to regarding the clogging of the stainless steel wool tube.

Regarding the problem of scaling in the small stainless steel capillary network water pipe: when the temperature of the water supply is greater than 60 degrees, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water will precipitate and form scale. The water supply temperature of the stainless steel small capillary network system is 28-35 degrees, so there will be no scale problem in the stainless steel small capillary. Because the stainless steel small capillary network is made of ppr material, the inner wall is very smooth, even if there is a small amount of scale, it will not Blocking the capillary net system; about blocking the capillary net with large particles: The capillary net system is equipped with filtering equipment, all large-particle microorganisms will be prevented from entering the capillary, so you don't have to worry about the problem of particulate matter blocking the capillary;

Regarding the influence of other pipes in the capillary network system on the capillary network: Regarding the design of a large-scale system, an independent circulation system is generally selected, which is separated from the large system by a plate heat exchanger; on the corrosion resistance of the capillary tube: the system uses corrosion-resistant pipes and valves Components, PPR material has very good corrosion resistance and can withstand acid and alkali solutions for a long time (PH value 1-14); about the capillary net biological slime: the spiral degassing valve can automatically separate and sweep the air dissolved in the water, The water in the capillary network system is maintained at an unsaturated condition of air content, and the air content of the system is reduced to about 0.5%. The oxygen content in such a small amount of air will not corrode the system and produce biological sludge.