Why do stainless steel pipes need to be used in packaging bags
- 2020-04-02-

For business people, of course, the less expenditures possible under feasible conditions, the better. For products such as stainless steel pipes, we can often see that there are packaging film bags on them. Although they are actually not heavy, if you buy them once A large amount of input will also incur certain economic expenditures, but why do many people do not like this thing on stainless steel pipes, but they have to accept it? The editor of Xin Shanhu will tell you why stainless steel pipes are needed. Packing bag.

1. After the stainless steel pipe is completed, it is necessary to move, move and move long distances. If there is no packaging bag, there will be scratches and scratches on the exterior, which will affect the appearance of the exterior.

2. The packaging itself requires production costs, and the cost of packaging requires labor costs, the sum of which exceeds the weight of a single bag.

3. If packaging is not required, it should be stated in the contract that the company will not be liable for scratches and scratches on the surface of stainless steel pipes caused by opening the packaging bag.

Stainless steel pipe packaging bags are nothing more than protecting the appearance of stainless steel pipes, so most users of stainless steel pipes do not have to question this.

Stainless steel pipe is a hollow long round steel, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery and instrumentation and other industrial transportation pipelines and mechanical structural parts. In addition, due to the combination of bending and torsion strength, the weight is relatively light, so it is also widely used in the production of mechanical parts and engineering structures.

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