Briefly describe the major classifications of stainless steel
- 2020-01-14-

1. Picture-like painted stainless steel strip

With the expansion of the use of stainless steel, there are fingerprint pollution and corrosion caused by food and medicine in the use of appliances and interior decoration materials for household appliances. The countermeasure is to paint the surface of stainless steel, but the original color painting impairs the metallic luster of the stainless steel surface. For this reason, in recent years, a transparent painted stainless steel that can prevent fingerprint pollution and corrosion and has a good picture quality has been developed, which is mainly used for cold hiding and electronic instrument panels. The original pre-coated transparent painted stainless steel strip is not ambition in terms of weather resistance and corrosion resistance. With the advancement of pre-painting technology, this title has been solved and the transparent painted stainless steel has been commercialized.

2. Functional painted stainless steel strip

Stainless steel is prone to sticking and sliding scratches during stamping. Therefore, in applications that focus on graphics, it is often necessary to paste the appearance maintenance film. However, this maintenance film needs to be peeled off manually after stamping; under strict processing conditions, it is impossible for the film fragments to form indentations on both sides of the stamping part. Moreover, how to dispose of the discarded film to prevent aggravating the environmental load is also very important. For this reason, stainless steel that can be painted and lubricated instead of the maintenance film has been developed, and it has been widely used in various household appliances, appliances, and car mufflers. Lubricating paint is mixed with wax components on the paint film, so it has good lubricity. Compared with non-scaling stamping oil coating materials, it has good deep processing properties and can save lubricating oil. This paint film is divided into two types: soluble type and non-removing type that are degreasing and depainting with strong alkali after processing.

3. Laminated stainless steel belt

This laminated stainless steel is formed by first applying a printed picture on the surface of the stainless steel, and then gluing a sheet of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate, and polypropylene with an adhesive. This kind of product with no paint left on the surface but with a graphic character is used to install wall materials such as combination tanks.

4. Coated stainless steel strip

Sometimes, the stainless steel strip will corrode locally in a corrosive environment. In order to make up for this lack, a coated stainless steel that can give different pictures or functions was developed. Its coating varieties include hot-dip aluminum plating, hot-dip galvanizing, copper electroplating and nickel electroplating. In salt-corrosive environments, aluminized stainless steel has good corrosion resistance. In addition to being used as a material for waste car exhaust systems, especially for mufflers, because of its beautiful appearance and good heat reflectivity, it is suitable for roofing materials. The good corrosion resistance of aluminized stainless steel is due to the anti-caustic corrosion effect of aluminum plating; at the same time, an anti-corrosion alloy layer is formed on the interface between the coating and the steel plate.