What is the development prospect of stainless steel pipe industry
- 2019-12-12-

There are various connection methods for stainless steel pipes. The common types of pipe fittings are compact, compact, articulated, push-in, push-threaded, socket welding, articulated flange connection, welding and welding and traditional connection. Combination method of derived series. These connection methods, according to their different principles, have different scope of application, but most of them are easy to install, strong and reliable. The sealing ring or gasket materials used for the connection are mostly silicone rubber, nitrile rubber and EPDM rubber that meet the requirements of my country's standards, so as to avoid users' worries.

The stainless steel pipe industry is developing rapidly and the design is expanding, but there is still a certain gap in production capacity, which still cannot meet the needs of domestic shopping malls. The future development ideas and specific practices of the stainless steel pipe industry are:

1. Focus on improving product output, strengthen internal management of the enterprise, improve the design and level of the enterprise, further improve the visibility of stainless steel pipes and enterprises, encourage enterprises to develop into groups, and strengthen the introduction and training of technical personnel and management personnel. Strengthen the construction of production equipment to ensure and improve product quality.

2. Take the road of brand development, improve the credibility of the stainless steel pipe industry and entrepreneurs, and shape the Chinese brand awareness.

3. Establish a stainless steel pipe production park to gather stainless steel production enterprises, so that they can design, improve, and create leadership to form a group of production; through mergers, affiliation, equity participation, and joint methods, the "key development" of the Hebei Provincial Department of Economics and Trade Design guidelines.

4. Complete the professional stainless steel shopping mall. The stainless steel industry is developing rapidly, but because there is no necessarily designed professional mall, it cannot attract customers from all walks of life. Therefore, production companies can only set up operations in various parts of the country, which not only increases the cost of the company, but also prevents the development of the company. If a professional shopping mall is built that integrates production and sales services, it will enable the production companies to truly settle behind, go to the whole country, and rush out of the country.