How to deal with the waste of stainless steel wire
- 2019-11-19-

Introduction of stainless steel wire

Stainless steel wire classification: stainless steel bright wire, stainless steel car axis, stainless steel electrolytic wire, stainless steel full flexible wire, stainless steel back front, stainless steel hydrogen back flexible wire, stainless steel square wire, stainless steel flat wire, stainless steel polished wire, stainless steel hairpin wire, stainless steel Stainless steel wire such as semi-circular wire.

Unique characteristics of stainless steel materials:

1. Complete product standards and diverse raw materials;

2. The standard accuracy is high, up to ±0.01mm;

3. Excellent surface quality and good brightness;

4. It has strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue resistance; 5. Stable chemical composition, pure steel, low inclusion content;

6. The packaging is intact and the price is favorable;

7. Can be customized non-standard.

Stainless steel waste treatment

As a metal industry, daily materials must be divided into various standards in accordance with customer requirements. Then there will be waste of scrap and later use value. If standardization will affect production and development, we can see that we divide The article process is directly linked to the cost. Here, our company's negotiation today mainly makes the following articles for the article.

Edge material reuse control. All materials on the machine are equipped with narrow material equipment supplied by the production department. According to the existing customer’s long-term needs, the narrow material is divided into strips at one time, and the next customer orders are prepared. The standard of materials can be shipped directly, saving time, effort and cost.

Manipulation control, in order to reduce the cost of customers, it is necessary to check the environmental sanitation of the surface of the slitting machine for all materials on the machine. Keep the machine clean and the materials clean to prevent customer complaints about imprinting, scratching, deformation, and distortion .

Lifting control, once all materials are lifted by crane, it is necessary to pay attention to the bumps of other materials to prevent bumps, deformation, scratches, personnel safety, whether the slings at both ends are stable, it is necessary for two people to work together during the operation process, and other related personnel Keep away from the crane to avoid unnecessary accidents.