Is there any change in the demand for copper strips in the home appliance industry
- 2019-11-11-

Steel mills are more active in producing long products such as rebar and wire rod, and their production capacity will be tilted towards long products, which will have a certain impact on the supply of cold and hot rolled coils in the market in the later period. Changes that affect the cold and hot rolled coil market need to be changed. After entering the winter, the production, sales, and construction of household appliances, cars, and construction industries have changed due to seasons. In October, the production and sales of the domestic home appliance manufacturing industry were booming. Since November, the production and sales of home appliances have changed.

In the later period, the home appliance industry's demand for copper strips will change. There are also uncertainties in the automotive industry's demand for steel, and the sales of heavy trucks have seen explosive growth this year. In the first 10 months, the total number of heavy trucks sold was 960,000, an increase of 70.8% year-on-year. In addition, the renewal of heavy-duty trucks, the overhauling move and the introduction of new national standards have strongly promoted the renewal of heavy-duty trucks. Entering the heating season, some construction companies are affected by production restrictions and shutdowns, which will have a certain impact on the heavy truck market. In addition, construction projects are also affected in winter, and the need for cold and hot rolled coils is reduced, which involves the market trend of cold and hot rolled coils.

Affect the changes in the market price of cold and hot rolled coils. Recently, coke prices have plummeted, iron ore prices have been operating weakly, production costs have continued to fall, steel mills’ surpluses have climbed to new highs, and rebar manufacturers’ average gross profit per ton of steel has increased. It is estimated that in December, the prices of iron ore, coke and other materials are weak and difficult to change, and the overall cost of steel plants will continue to decline. A few days ago, the leading steel companies in China introduced a December steel plate price policy, which is generally based on a steady increase. The rising cost of cold and hot rolled coils put on the market in the later period will curb the price drop to a certain extent.