Analyze what are the applicable connection methods for stainless steel pipes
- 2019-10-22-

Card convex connection

The "card-convex connection method" belongs to an improved method of compact connection technology. It is characterized in that: the special expansion pipe is placed in the proper orientation of the thin-walled stainless steel pipe end, and the inner wall is rolled outward (radially) to form a flange ring, and then the pipe is inserted into the frustum-shaped PTFE with a socket. In the pipe fittings of the vinyl seal ring and the lock nut, when the lock nut is tightened, the flange ring is used to advance and shrink the frustum-shaped PTFE seal ring to achieve a sealing effect. The design of the pipe fittings is basically the same as the pipe fitting design principles of the previous galvanized pipes, which greatly avoids the tedious process of engineering design, budget and construction, and is more conducive to implementation and application.

The "card-convex connection method" is classified as an active connection method, which has quick installation, convenient future changes or maintenance, low technical requirements for construction personnel, stable connection, and is not affected by the installation environment, improves construction efficiency and reduces installation costs. Technical advantages such as no electricity, no sound and no open flame operation.

Compression connection

A connection method in which a socket pipe fitting with a sealing ring is used to connect the pipe, and a special tool is used to press the pipe mouth to achieve a sealing and fastening effect.

The basic composition of the compression pipe is a special-shaped pipe connection with an O-ring in the U-shaped groove at the end. When assembling. Insert the stainless steel water pipe into the pipe fittings, and seal the pressure with a special sealing device. The pipe fittings and pipes in the sealing part are squeezed into a hexagonal shape, and then a sufficient connection strength is formed. At the same time, the sealing effect is produced due to the shrinkage and deformation of the sealing ring. The cost of pipe fittings is low, which is suitable for the implementation of civil shopping malls, and the installation of surface installation works is simple and the construction speed is fast. The first thin-walled stainless steel enterprise to enter my country in 1999 adopted the Japanese card press connection technology in the 1980s (there is no patent maintenance for the domestic card press connection). Now the national standard and the industry standard have been formulated.

Ring pressure connection

Ring compression type connection is a change of compression type connection, and its crimping principle is basically the same as that of compression type connection. The cross-section of the press-type clamp is hexagonal, which is a kind of bending deformation, and the diameter changes after the ring-type connection and crimping, which is a kind of diameter reduction deformation, and its pull-out resistance is stronger. The compression fitting has a socket with a U-shaped groove and a built-in O-ring seal, while the ring compression fitting is a non-closed stepped socket cylindrical seal, which is installed during the installation process. The sealing surface sees whether the compression is Line seal, while ring pressure is a one-sided seal, which has a higher safety factor.