Standard and classification of stainless steel wire
- 2018-11-28-

Standards and types of stainless steel wire

Stainless steel wireAccording to the different stainless steel products, the material standards have the following standards: ordinary low-carbon steel hot-rolled round wire rod GB701-65; ordinary low-carbon steel non-torsion controlled cooling, hot-rolled wire rod ZBH4403-88; high-quality carbon steel wire rod GB4354 -84; High-quality carbon steel non-twist controlled cooling and hot-rolled stainless steel wire rod ZBH44002-88; Wire rod YB349-64 for rope-making steel wire. In addition, there are domestic stainless steel rods 301, 304, 321, 316, 316L, 410, 416, 420, 430 and other types, and high-temperature alloy stainless steel wires such as titanium, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten, and chromium are used 309S, 310S standards.

Stainless steel wire rods are generally made of ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon steel. According to different steel distribution catalogues and uses, wire rods include ordinary low-carbon steel hot-rolled round wire rod, high-quality carbon steel wire rod, carbon welding rod wire rod, quenched and tempered threaded wire rod, wire rod for wire rope, and wire rod for piano wire And stainless steel wire rod and so on.

Stainless steel wire classification: stainless steel bright wire, stainless steel car axis, stainless steel electrolytic wire, stainless steel full flexible wire, stainless steel annealing wire, stainless steel hydrogen debonding wire, stainless steel square wire, stainless steel flat wire, stainless steel polished wire, stainless steel hairpin wire, stainless steel Stainless steel wire such as semi-circular wire.

Condition of stainless steel wire after cold drawing

Stainless steel wire can also be called stainless steel wire, wire rod, coil, but different from stainless steel wire rope, the wire mainly has two kinds of spring wire and screw wire, as the name implies: the screw wire is mainly used for screws, and the spring wire is used for springs. Or other hardware products that require flexibility.

If the stainless steel wire is cold drawn, the hardness of the surface itself will become hard. Cold drawing is uniformly elongated after high temperature processing. The hardness of the outer surface will become higher after high temperature. The change in hardness is related to the carbon content. The hardness of the 4 series is more obvious by quenching. SUS304 is not obvious by this method, but there are changes. It also contains carbon.